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The most powerful predictor of counseling success is the strength of the client-counselor relationship. Take a few moments to get to know Dr. Jan and her unique approach to relationship and life strategies.

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Dr. Jan’s unique approach can be grounding during the emotional turmoil of a difficult divorce and contribute to not only healing, but growing in unexpected ways.
Corporate Professional
There’s an art to what Dr. Jan offers and I believe that it’s her intuition. She’s able to read people exceptionally well to get to the heart of what they’re experiencing so she can help them through it.
Outpatient Therapist
What impresses me most about Dr. Jan is the way she addresses complex, challenging life and relationship issues in an uplifting way.
I recommend mindfulness-based practices with Dr. Jan to help in handling high-stress jobs such as nursing. Her sessions help her clients remain calm and focused, even amid chaos.
Registered Nurse
Dr. Jan’s expertise in mindfulness-based therapy helps her clients cultivate a peaceful state of being, mental clarity and emotional lightness.
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction with Dr. Jan can make a huge difference in finding some kind of inner peace and quiet the turmoil of the mind.
Dr. Jan’s expertise in body-centered therapy is based upon her vast knowledge of anatomy and physiology, which allows clients to connect mind and body.
Student, U of L School of Dentistry
There’s something non-formulaic and truly customized about what Dr. Jan offers. What’s most unique about Dr. Jan is her ability to listen, communicate, calibrate and create a customized experience for her clients.
IT Professional
Dr. Jan’s life experiences and unique background make her particularly qualified to help with family problems, love life, work and self-esteem issues. She is not a bobble-head therapist.
Graphic Designer
One of the greatest things about Dr. Jan is that she offers an innovative, interdisciplinary approach to life and relationship issues. She is exceptionally open-minded and brings multiple philosophies to the table.
Dr. Jan offers a uniquely human approach to therapy that helps her clients let go of fear and anxiety and improve their relationships.
What Dr. Jan does is completely different from any other therapeutic process. It’s like being in front of a door that other therapists can help someone sand, varnish and paint over, but Dr. Jan gives her clients the key to open that door to other parts of themselves”.
Dr. Jan Anderson is a master of yoga as a body-mind approach.
Louisville Magazine, Louisville, KY
For the first time in years, I am free from antidepressant drugs and I credit it to mindfulness-based practices with Dr. Jan. I’m beginning to feel the inner peace that I have longed to attain.
We are delighted that Dr. Jan Anderson is bringing Voice Dialogue and the Psychology of the Aware Ego to Louisville! She has worked directly with us and we highly recommend her as a facilitator.
Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, originators of Voice Dialogue
There is a naturalness about Dr. Jan’s approach to therapy. She is truly grounded in her own wisdom and experience and has a knack for putting people at ease immediately.
Dr. Jan’s love of yoga shows in her attention to detail and her open heart.
Rodney Yee, internationally acclaimed yoga and meditation master
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LifeWise by Dr. Jan: Relationship and Life Strategy Expert

Your life is complex – you have a lot to balance between family and friends, work, romantic partners and your own aspirations and everyday obligations.

How can you approach life with a focus on what matters most and become more of the you that you were meant to be?

How can you manage everyday stresses, as well as life’s inevitable transitions and challenges, with resilience?

The approach is simple: Dr. Jan starts with what is already working in your life and uses innovative, evidence-based approaches, whether it involves a relationship goal or a change of heart, mind or lifestyle.

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